I just Cuddled with a Squirrel!!!

So those of you who know me, know that I have a bit of an animal thing. That is to say, I love them! My cat is my best friend and I used to spend hours watching the squirrels in central park and thinking about what great pets they would make.

I think it was the squirrels that made me into a vegetarian, actually. When I was a kid, my dad used to zap them in his garage with some sort of electric flooring. It made me really sad, and I said to him, “Dad, if I were a squirrel, would you zap me?” And his response was, “Absolutely.” Which I have to hand it to him for being honest about. It was around then that I started feeling sorry for animals and having a really hard time eating them.

Well, I’m at the Standing Bear Farm in Tennessee, where a one-toothed man (not kidding) caught on to how I love the cute and cuddly, and went inside to return with his pet squirrel. So I got to hold it, and it sat on my shoulder and climbed up on top of my head. I have video to prove it, which I’ll really have to figure out how to get on this site, and will soon.

But there you go, one more thing crossed off my bucket list, cuddle with a squirrel!

3 thoughts on “I just Cuddled with a Squirrel!!!

  1. glad to hear that you are getting busy on the bucket list. Glad to see ya on here so soon also. Happy trails and continued luck on your venture. Lotza love…Tammy

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