Best 0 Ever!

Today has been excellent! We spent our last week hiking in the rain. Mostly high-spirited, but quite wet indeed. I knew that Virginia was going to be tough. Folks have been saying it’s wet, steep, plain, rocky, a lot of the same thing…the list goes on. So I’ve been mentally preparing myself, and it’s been going just fine. Not that I love being soggy all the time, or having to take 4 foot leaps from rock to rock, sometimes from wet rock to wet rock, but it’s been alright. I owe that, at large, to Bam and Tide Walker. It’s so great to have their company!

I’m relatively certain my body is getting frustrated with me. I just can’t seem to get enough to eat the last couple of days. My energy has been low and my tummy rumbles madly every 2 hours or so. Both Heidi, and a thru-hiker called Ompa that I’ve met on the trail, have warned me about this. How my body will go into starvation mode. It makes sense, having a 3000 calorie  deficit every day for 6 weeks, I guess it’s bound to catch up with you. I’m confident that it will pass. I’ve been amazed before at my body’s ability to adapt and I know that I will get used to it.

So with all of that going on, damp, sore-jointed, and weak with hunger, I have to say, it was about the happiest day of my life yesterday when Tide Walker’s parents, Terry and Sandra, met us at a road crossing to take us into Roanoke. The seat of the car felt like a throne, and the hotel room feels and looks like a palace. It’s unreal! We’ve spent the last 36 hours clean, dry, well fed, and so happy! Terry and Sandra paid for our hotel room and bought us dinner. They’ve been so kind.

So, as seems to be the trend, life is good. I feel ready to hit the trail in the morning, and excited for coming attractions. The Shenandoahs and Jesse being the main ones.

Here’s a couple of photos of the D.A. I’ve been getting such great mail at my drops, thanks so much to everyone. I have another coming in two days and can’t wait to see the fan mail. You guys keep me going, and I love you so much!

Alien, Tide, Me, and Bam after our midnight quest for ice cream in Damascus.

Full bellies after a fabulous Mexican buffet tonight.

Ummmm, alcohol.The D.A. doing what we do….fighting evil!

And for those of you who played the “guess how much weight I’ve lost” game, the answer is, drum roll please ……………………………………………………….19 pounds! Wow, huh.

2 thoughts on “Best 0 Ever!

  1. This is too cool……
    Thank you Kiddo (Shayla), for taking the time to do this site.
    I’ve loved being able to put faces to the names of you guys. Tidewater (Sara)….special thanks to your mom and dad for meeting you guys in Roanoke and for the extended dry stay at the hotel. From what Stephen (Bam) says, you guys were definitely in need of some serious”drying out.”

    My favorite saying has always been that “Everything happens for a reason” and once again, it is proven true. Absolutely thrilled that Stephen (Bam) has had the two of you gals to hang with. Hang in there guys…..the sunshine will soon be arriving.

    Love the photos……post more!!!

    Laura Dunn (Bam’s mom)

  2. shayla!!! it looks like you r having an experience of a life time. saw the photos u sent heidi. loved them. im so stoked that jesse is coming to visit u and hike with u. that will be great to be able to share this experience with him! well i just wanted to say hi and let u know that i am reading your blogs. love them!! take care and keep on keepin on! btw 19 lbs! that is crazy!! u look fantastic!

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