Guess how much weight I lost!

I’ll post the exact amount tomorrow night, I want to read people’s guesses. But I will say that Kiddo, weighs significantly less than Shayla! I’ll try to attach some good group photos too.

Special thanks to Mackenzie for adding all those pages. The captions are perfect and I really appreciate the new additions! Happy graduation as well.

3 thoughts on “Guess how much weight I lost!

  1. My guess is 11 pounds. Muscle weighs more than fat and I would guess you are adding muscle while you lose the fat….so that may be too high….oh well I am sticking with it.

  2. Greetings, Shay,

    Let’s see, you’ve eaten high calorie foods, but I’m sure you burn that, and then some, every day. But you are also building muscle–then again, you were already very fit, so I’m reasoning that, that would play less of a role in these circumstances, PLUS, you gave us the clue of “significantly less.” (which of course is very specific and practically gives away the answer). I’m going to guess an average, of about, approximately, maybe, somewhere around, a third of a pound per day, plus, and or minus, some water retention or evaporation, depending on the temp and severity of your daily hiking conditions; add to that how well rested you were at the beginning of each day, (or maybe not so much) I think it must be, I’m quite sure, actually, somewhere in the nieghborhood of two hundred, seventy-five and a third ounces! This was really fun, and a pice of cake. What did I win????

    Thanks for the fun and games. Hope you’re having fun too! Love ya!

  3. Thanks for the graduation shout out. It’s nice to be done with that part of my academic career. And it wasn’t a problem setting up the new pages. Honestly, it actually makes it a bit easier. On that note, do you want me to add your new pictures to the photos page also?

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