About Then

10 years ago, I wrote this……

With high hopes and my own two feet I walk the Appalachian Trail. From Georgia to Maine, Springer to Katahdin, the Southland to New England, and from well-fed to craving tubs of butter. 2,181 miles of well-beaten path and memories that will last forever. This is my walkabout, where I let the land teach me how to be. Peace be the Journey!

Some people might say it’s crazy to walk from Georgia to Maine. Some may even say it’s stupid, especially to do alone. I’m not so sure that they’re wrong, but I am sure that I read about the A.T. years ago and knew instantly that it was something I HAD to do.

I’m looking forward to the perspective I will gain. For understanding the distance between places and experiencing the ways they connect. For sister/brotherhood, passing by another human being and automatically caring about them, because they’re going through the same thing you are. For historic sites and breathtaking scenery. For dirt between my toes and hot meals tasting like life soaking back into my cells. For doing things the hard way, which I expect will only make being alive a greater thing than it already is to me.

So, it begins on April 1st officially, but it began at Powells books a few years back when I picked up, “A Walk in the Woods.” Or maybe it began with my first pair of hiking boots 10 years ago. To me, it’s the perfect journey and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

6 thoughts on “About Then

  1. Shay! You crazy girl! Have a great time and be safe. I am very excited for you and I am sure it will be a wonderful adventure.

  2. Hey Kiddo, I met you on the Greenstone/Caples track, it was so awesome to meet you!
    You are an inspiration to me 😀
    Can’t wait til next year, meanwhile I’ll be reading up on your blogs
    Have a safe journey home
    Katie Buxton, Queenstown

  3. I was at Shaw when you and your crew were there in late aug .I have a great photo of you on the morning of Aug 25 2022 of you heading out to due the 100 mile wildness of you heading with your pack to go do the trail

  4. Kiddo how about the Hound Dog he stayed behind at Shaw to like some time in Oct

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