So Far So Good

I apologize for my lack of frequent blogging. It hasn’t been as easy as I thought to come across computers.

Things are going great. I’ve been hiking really good mileage for just beginning, my biggest day being 23. I made it 204 miles in 14 days. Which isn’t great, but good for a start.

I lost Kat a little earlier than I anticipated. She hurt her ankle on day 7 and got off trail. It’s been hard to adjust to all the alone time, but I’ll make it just the same. I’m just now starting to feel like I’m making good friends out here. When a few people I haven’t seen in a few days made it into Gatlinburg (the tackiest place on earth), where I’m taking my first 0 day today, it felt like a family reunion or something. I was happy as hell to see their faces.

I’d love to give more detail, but there is a long wait of people who want to use the computer. So maybe later tonight, or early tomorrow morning I can report back proper.

Just to sum it all up for now, life is good and I’m going to Katahdin! Thanks for all the support.

I wrote some haiku poems the other day that I will share with ya’ll, in case you wanted to know just how crazy I am from spending so much time in my head. That’ll have to be tomorrow though. Don’t hold your breath or anything, they aren’t amazing.

7 thoughts on “So Far So Good

  1. I just mailed drop # 2! I’m pretty pleased about my extra contribution this week. However, feel free to toss it away once you enjoy it. There’s no need to carry it to Maine! I miss you, Shayla, and hope you’re having the time of your life. Keep a safe distance from the stinky boys! I love you! Heidi

  2. Good to hear that your visions of you destination are clear and that you are meeting new folks….you old bucket of pine needles.

  3. Hey, Hey, Hey! Keep up the good work. Just know that we are always there, with you, just as you are here with us. You are most definitely and unequivocally, stuck with us–for life!!! Keep smiling!

    Grandma says “Hi” and sends her love. You are in our prayers, daily.

    Love ya,


    1. Thanks Lu!
      Tell Gramma hi back! I really do appreciate all your support and encouragement! Makes me feel a lot stronger and surer about all of this. I’ll try to give you an Easter phone call, but for now, I send my love.
      And one really interesting fact- you called me Kiddo in a comment earlier on this blog. And guess what my trail name is……….it’s Kiddo! Now when people call me that, I’ll think of you!

      Love you,
      Shayla (Kiddo)

  4. Shayla, I’m glad to hear everything is going well for you. I check your blog every few days to check how it’s going but there hasn’t been anything for a while. So I was glad to see something new today. Continue on your journey my dear and stay safe.

    Lots of love to you…

    1. Thanks Tammy. It’s great to get your encouragement. And thanks for letting me borrow your daughter, she was a lot of laughs.
      I’ll try to keep up with this a little better than I have so far:)

      Love you,

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