Met my Sweetheart in Waynesboro

Just a quick note to let everyone know that things are going fine. Better than fine, actually. We made it to Waynesboro. Which means it’s time to start the Shenandoahs and things are looking pretty luxurious for the next few days, with the promise of beer and snacks at frequent intervals. And what’s better, is that John, James, and Arrow, some old friends of ours (as old as other trail-hiking friends can be, anyway), are in Waynesboro tonight, we’ve been hoping to see them for a long time now. And what’s the best yet, is that Jesse is here to hike with me for the next 8 days!

A really nice couple I met at the Belton last summer has put us up for the night. They have been extremely generous and helpful, and are great company. We’ve had a lovely night in their beautiful log home, great conversations, and absolutely delicious homemade spinach lasagna! They showed us around their property for a while today, and took us to their neighbors for an incredible view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They really do live in an extraordinary place.

So things have been wonderful. I saw a cute little (but not too little) bear yesterday and came face to face with a skunk the day before. I didn’t get sprayed, so it was a good experience. I’m happy to be seeing more wildlife! Makes me feel at home.

I better keep this brief, but one thing before I go. I would like to hear people’s opinions on whether taking a canoe along the Shenandoah River for a few days, is cheating. The river parallels the trail, but I know it isn’t hiking. If I do it, did I still hike the Appalachian Trail, or am I a phoney?

3 thoughts on “Met my Sweetheart in Waynesboro

  1. You’re no phony! Take the canoe. It sounds like a welcome change from hiking. You are on an incredible journey and this is your experience. Experience it the way that you want to. I miss you tons. Tell Jesse I said hi.
    Happy trails!

  2. Hi Shayla–and Jesse,

    I am so glad to that hear you are making friends and that reunions are part of this adventure. Also great news that you are meeting nice host-folks along the way as well.

    As far as what you think might ruin your whole accomplishment of hiking the AT, I say “Don’t be silly.” Personally, I think a canoe trip would simply add a new and wonderous dimension and be yet another great experience to the over all trip, and I would definitely think it would not be considered cheating in any way! I also think you may regret this opportunity if you chose not to do it. On the other hand, you have to do what is right for you. Yeah, I know, big help.
    Since you asked for my opinion–I say go for launch, and happy canoeing!!!
    (Think of it as another stamp in your passport!)
    Love ya, Lu

  3. Are you nuts? Go for the canoe silly. Hi Jesse. Sounds like all is going well. Continued good luck and enjoy the canoe trip:) Love to ya both.

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