Half Way, Half Gallon, Half Crazy

After I met back up with the D.A. we had many fantastic days together. We passed by a lot of really neat history sites in Maryland, including some civil war battle sites and the original Washington Monument. We crossed the Mason Dixon line, which means I’m finally in the North! Yay! Then we pulled a 30 mile day on Tuesday to get us in to the half way marker, and the ever-appealing, Half Gallon Challenge!

I chose mint chocolate chip as my challenger, in honor of my friend Allie, who is rather kickass. I think it may have been easier with a different flavor though, as it just seems to feel more and more potent as I scarfed it down. There were 5 of us in a circle, Stephen, Switchback, Arrow, Tide and I. Stephen knocked it out like it was nothing! That guy truly impressed me. While the rest of us were just getting to the moaning and groaning part, he started scraping the bottom of his carton and threw it down, like it was nothing. Then, for good measure, he walked into the store and got two hot dogs to eat while he watched us all struggle. It was about then that it occurred to me that, if I was going to throw up, it would be green, and that somehow made me very uncomfortable with continuing. However, continue I did, and I painfully, but fully finished my half gallon after 59 minutes. I really can’t believe it took me that long!

But the important thing is, I still love ice cream, even mint chip.

That night I stayed in a really cool mansion hostel, which was an old safe house for the underground railroad. I really enjoyed my stay there, and slept much easier knowing there were toilets really near by if that ice cream should try to get back at me. It didn’t though, and I felt surprisingly fine all night.

Now I have the comfort of knowing that one big challenge is behind me. I actually think that eating that ice cream was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do on this trail. So then it was off to Maine, just another 1090 miles to go:)

2 thoughts on “Half Way, Half Gallon, Half Crazy

  1. *Extremely* awesome that your family was able to join you for a while, and that you met the half-gallon challenge (and lived to tell the tale!). I hope that the second half of your trek is filled with unexpected happiness, cool breezes and motivation when you least expect it! :o) Shine on, Shayla! xoxo

  2. Hey Babe, glad to hear that you had a great time with your family! I am glad that the trail has been fun as well. Boiling Springs looked really nice. I miss you a bunch and cant wait to talk to you for a half hour or so. Its hard to catch up in 8 minutes after not talking to you for three days. Things are good in Minnesota. Although I would like to swim more. Like I said its been cold, so I will just have to swim anyways even if it doesnt warm up, but man I need to do somthing about this farmers tan! Fat guys look better tan, its a fact! Well right now I am sitting at Coco Moon drinking a “Latte”. I have become a coffee snob since Seattle. I will have to go over to Northwind Grille some night to sit and eat and remember when you were a waitress and I was a cook and you changed my life. I would probably still be there in that kitchen where nothing grows or lives if you had not walked in that door and held my hand. Thank you for all of the great places you have taken me. I will talk to you soon. I love you.


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