The Monkey Tribe

Since my last post, my mom and I have been enjoying the company of The Monkey Tribe. The same group that we shared a marvelous cabin with in Rangely. It’s working out quite swimmingly. I really enjoy having other hikers to go through the same treacherous strides with, and it’s nice that Mom and Megan have each other to go antiquing with while we’re all on the trail.

Because of the support vehicles, we’ve been able to live the good life. Hiking with tiny packs, sometimes no packs at all, and always having the option to sleep at a hotel or hostel if we want to. There are five, sometimes six (with the new addition of a speedy, young hiker called Tiger) of us, so the price has been right! Yet the sweetest thing of all, is that we have been dominating this trail! Through some of the trickiest terrain yet, we’ve been doing 25-32 miles a day! It feels so good to be doing those kind of miles again. I even got to go for a trail run a couple days ago. It felt like flying! To go 5.4 miles in one hour, was my idea of magic.

We’re taking a zero today in Monson, the last stop before the 100 mile wilderness. Then hitting it hard again tomorrow morning. It’ll be a 30 mile day, and probably a tough one, with some hail and lightning to spice things up a bit. Sounds terrible, I know, but after today, it’s just 4 ½ days of hiking to the summit of Katahdin! So bring it on A.T!!!!! I can take it!

Narrowing down to my last few days to binge eat, I’ve decided that what I want most of all today, is to make a box of instant chocolate pudding, smothered in cool whip, and eat the entire thing with a spoon:)

3 thoughts on “The Monkey Tribe

  1. Sweet! The home stretch! :o) Have a great week in the wilderness and then on to civilization! Hike like your feet have wings! xoxo.

  2. I cannot believe you are almost finished! I really wish I could have met up with you other times after Gatlinburg. I know Shenanigans enjoyed your company early on. I hope you have had a wonderful journey. It sounds like you have from your journals! Good job, Kiddo!!!

    *Serena (Fancy Pants)

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