Mail Drops

After many hours of meticulous planning and preparing I have finally finished all the mail drops for the journey. Here is a list of all the places I will be stopping into post offices to pick up mail.

1. Fontana Dam, NC. 50 Fontana Dam Rd. Fontana Dam, NC 28733-6105. Arrival on or after Monday, April 12th.

2. Erwin, TN. 201 N Maine Ave Erwin, TN 37650-9998. Arrival on or after Saturday, April 23rd.

3. Atkins, VA. 5864 Lee Hwy Atkins, VA 24311-9998. Saturday, May 7th.

4. Daleville, VA. 1492 Roanoke Rd. Daleville, VA 24038-9998. Wednesday, May 17th.

5. Shipman, VA. Private Address, please call me for details. Thursday, May 24th

6. Harpers Ferry, WV. 1010 Washington St. Harpers Ferry, WV 25425-9998. Saturday, June 4th.

7. Port Clinton, PA. Private Address. Please call me for details. Wednesday, June 15th.

8. Vernon, NJ. 530 State Rt 515 Unit 13 Vernon, NJ 07462-9997. Thursday, June23rd.

9. Cheshire, MA. 214 Church St. Cheshire, MA 01225-9998. Wednesday, July 6th.

10. Glencliff, NH. 1385 NH Route 25 Unit 1 Glencliff, NH 03238-9998. Monday, July 18th.

11. Caratunk, ME. 172 Main St. Caratunk, ME 04925-9998. Monday, August 1st (Happy Birthday Mackenzie and Grandma!)

I would love to get letters or very small packages. But I will have a 5-8 pound box to pick up at each one of these places so please be careful not to send anything heavy or large. Address all letters to  General Delivery/A.T. Thru-hiker, Shayla Paradeis. That will allow the P.O. to hold them for 30 days or possibly longer.

5 thoughts on “Mail Drops

  1. Hey babe I hope you are having a fun time and I miss you a bunch. It has been really nice to talk to you when you can. Although I understand the greatness of not being tied to your phone all of the time, It is great to hear your voice when I can. Take care and I will talk to you soon. I love you.

  2. Did you get some Chai, sweetie? I am happy to send some more to your mail drops if you let me know whether you like A or B better and how many you’d like. I’d love to know if it is working for you on the trail! Best of luck! We’re following your progress~!

    1. Thanks Varada!

      I passed out the first batch of chai to spread the love, and I just got some more yesterday. I wanted to try each one again to decide which I like more. I will get back to you soon. But I think it’s delicous. Thanks so much!

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