Katherine Nolan :)

A recent and exciting development is that my good friend Katherine is going to be joining me for the first 3 weeks of the trek! I’m very excited to have her along. She’s the kind of friend you don’t worry about spending too much time with!  It’ll be hours of great conversation and hopefully the occasional outburst of quality tunes.

I feel lucky to have her along. It’ll be so refreshing to get used to this new voyage with one of those friends who reassures you that the world is full of extraordinary things! Plus she’s a remarkably talented writer and a fantastic photographer. So, I’m a lucky ducky to have her on board.

Today is her 24th birthday. Happy Birthday Katherine! May your days be as bright as you have made mine!

One thought on “Katherine Nolan :)

  1. I’m happy for you both. What a treat for each of you to be able to share some THING so special with some ONE so special!

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