I think, perhaps, I’ll go hiking today

So this is it. I’m at the Hiker’s Hostel in Dahlonega, GA. Already, I feel glad for the kindness of strangers and intrigued to see what kind of things I haven’t put enough thought into.

I wanted to document my expectations at the last chance before I start so I can look back later and see how ridiculous they all were. So, here are a few of those.

*I’m going to be hungry for 4.5 months. I think I could probably eat a half-gallon at the half way point (the half-gallon challenge)without a wink of difficulty.

*There are going to be a bunch of geardos. That’s my new word for people who are really into cutting edge gear. I have more of an “anything will do” mentality, but I’m sporting some serious goodies, thanks to backpackers magazine. So, gear talk, is probably something I need to get used to.

*I’m about to get my ass whooped! I walked up a tiny hill to the hostel today and actually said, “this is difficult” in a sad-but-true tone. But I’ve kicked my own bum before, and I know it’s something I can do.

*My positive attitude is going to be my saving grace, and when that starts to fail me, I know a few people I can call to help me tune back into it.

*I expect Virginia to be the hardest part psychologically speaking. After Kat leaves and I spend 30 days walking through the same state, I might wonder what the hell I’m doing out here.

*The men are going to outnumber us ladies 4 to 1. Or maybe more, and they are going to be stinky.

*For whatever reason, I think Northern New England, particularly the Green Mountains in VT, is going to be my favorite.

*The hammock is going to take the cake in the tent versus hammock dispute.

*This is going to be the greatest thing I’ve ever done!

4 thoughts on “I think, perhaps, I’ll go hiking today

  1. Hey Kiddo, You can do this. If there’s ever any doubt, you have my number!

    I like that you gave some thought to what you think might be the highs and lows. I’m sure it will be interesting for you to reflect upon later. (I’m anxious to see how the hammock really works). There is no doubt that, at least to date, this adventure will be topping your list of great feats for a while.

    Stay safe, and have fun. Love you.

  2. I miss you already Shayla!!!!!!!!!! Things are quite lonely in the canyon without you. I know you are going to rock this journey and change the lives of so many along the trail. I CAN’T wait to see you when you are done. Happy trails!

  3. Hey Shayla, I sent a post to ya but I don’t know where it went. I’m so computer savvy ya know. Anyway, I am so proud of you (and worried). I wish you all the luck for your beautiful, mind blowing adventure. Be careful, have fun, and stay safe. I love ya much. aunti tammy

  4. YES! I am so excited to hear you say that you expect Northern New England to be your favorite part – I know it’s going to be my favorite part of your journey! I’m thinking of you every day, Shayla! Keep on keepin’ on, because those boots are made for walkin’! I love you!!!

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