Proud to be a Slacker!

I did a 20 nile slackpack yesterday. And it was delightful. Uncle Johnny’s drove us up the road 20 miles to hike back to his place, and today, he’s taking us back that 20 miles to go on from there. I got to carry a tiny little day back and I felt like I could fly! I was back at the hostel by 3:30 for swimming in the river and some cards! It was a great day.

Some people may judge me and say that I’m no longer hard core, for going 20 miles without my heavy pack. But that’s cool, I can take it. I still think I’m a tough, and quite frankly, my back really needed the break! It felt weird to be going south though. Now it’s on to Damascus, VA. I should be there sometime on Monday! Yeeeeeh-ha!

6 thoughts on “Proud to be a Slacker!

  1. Hi Shay,
    I thought Kathy said something to that effect. Very cool. I’m glad you had a “break” though I’m not sure I would call a 20 mile day-hike a break. Still, your back appreciates it. Have fun in VA!
    Love ya,

  2. If you don’t take the easy days when you can get them, you won’t have fun!!! Don’t worry, being hard core isn’t all its cracked up to be. Having fun is much more important!

  3. Kiddooooooo! Finally found your journal! I hope you fared well with the storms Wednesday night; they were pretty wild. It was great meeting you and I hope to catch up with you again sometime!

    *Fancy Pants

    1. Yay! Fancy Pants. I’m so happy to hear from you. I’m finally getting some photos on here, there’s a nice one of you and you’re honey. I hope you’re having a blast at Trail Days. Wish we could have made it, we’re enjoying a nice zero in Roanoke, tomorrow.

  4. You rock, Shayla! And this is your trip, no one else’s, so do whatever you want as you hike the trail. (BTW, what’s your trail name?) Savor this fantastic experience and have a blast! I’ve thought of you so much in the last week (when I was a sickie) and imagine myself hiking and laughing with you. Shine on! :o)

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