Things are going so well, I just wanna dance around like a crazy person…..and sometimes do. I spent the last week hiking with Tide Walker. Not only was it lovely to spend time with another female, but it was just nice to say, “Look at that beautiful waterfall!” and have a response. We made great time together, and pulled a marathon yesterday. 26 miles into Damascus and we did the whole thing in 10 hours, including an hour and twenty minutes of breaks. It didn’t feel too strenuous either, and now we have the luxuries of a hiking town at our fingertips! It’s been great.

After a much needed shower, I came down the stairs to see the back of a young man’s head that very much resembled BAM. I froze, and questioned it for a second, “Bam can’t be here, he’s way behind us.” Then I timidly said his name and he turned around, grinning, but looking like a gentle breeze could blow him down. Turns out he pulled a 34 mile day to catch up to us. You can chalk it up to male pride, but also, it’s pretty impressive, and I was happy to have his company last night. Though he got pretty wiped out pretty early.

So, we are forming a little troupe. I’m the trip planner, Tide’s the photographer, and BAM is the entertainment. It’s going to be great. My back pain went away completely and now I have a goofy, floppy hat to keep my ears from blistering. So things are looking up. Everyone is jealous of my pretty town clothes and I’m so happy to have showers and restaurants near by. We’re taking a well earned 0 today and then hitting the trail in the morning for a 4 day stretch on to Atkins. Where my mail drop awaits. I’ll be caught up by then, half a day early in fact.

So, you see, life is great. Thanks for listening and I’ll write more soonly!

4 thoughts on “Yipeeeeeee!

  1. I’m so happy that I got to hear you voice today. Reading this is a total bonus. I hope you have a wild and crazy night in town with your new trail friends. I’m already counting down the days until I get to see you and hug you again!
    I love you!

  2. Sounds great! You know it makes me happy to see you hiking in a posse. You sound so happy and everything appear to be so wonderful that I want to experience it…except for the hiking part. I really am happy that it is such a wonderful experience for you and that you get to reconnect with hikers along the way and spend time together.

  3. Hey babe I hope this week is going good for you. I just finished making all of my travel arangments. (MT > MN >GA >VA > YOU and the AT >VA >MD >GA >MN). I cant wait to see you on the trail! I am excited to leave Montana. It is beatiful here, but what made it special was you. Talk to you soon. I love you.

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