Wood’s Hole

I’m loving this great little resting place. It’s an old cabin, with a fantastic garden, and some great spirits running it. I’ve met tons of other hikers here, had some great food, and even done some yoga! It’s been a fantastic visit. There have even been a few encounters with some friendly doggies and kitties here.

Atkin’s was a really craptacular stop. But we had a good belly full at the one restaurant in town, and got to watch a movie in our low quality, but cozy hotel room. It was still nice to sleep in a bed. We also met a hiker who is carrying a little kitten on the trail. A totally rare and amazing thing to see.

Our group is having a lot of fun together. We call ourselves Dumbledore’s Army, and carry wizarding cards. I know that’s the dorkiest thing you’ve ever heard, but it suits me nicely. We’ve gone 617 miles, and it’s starting to feel easy as a cakewalk. Sorry to be so brief, but others are waiting on the computer.

5 thoughts on “Wood’s Hole

  1. Dumbledore’s Army? I love it. Wish I could join…
    I’m glad you’re having a good time. I think it’s pretty awesome that you met someone who is hiking with a kitten.

  2. Hi Shayla,
    Sounds like you’re making great headway, and having fun along the way. Also, remember, Max is traveling with you in spirit. In fact, if his spirit, and big heart, didn’t weigh so much, he would have loved to have made the trip with you, in person!
    But he’s such an understanding soul, and he knew it was for the best, for both of you, to sit this one out 🙂 (Maybe next time).

    I love that you have met and have joined forces of / with friendly spirits. Also, it’s a fantastic accomplishment that by Thursday evening, you will have reached the 1/3 mark of your journey!!!!

    Gramma sends her love and and encouragement. She loves the “cuz it’s there–cuz I can” spirit in you, and wishes you a safe journey. We both thank you for the cards, how very thoughtful of you!

    Happy Trails!

  3. Hey Shayla!
    Of course you would chose Dumbledor’s Army as your group name. You are a dork. Big time! But, we all love you even more for it. It always brings a huge grin to my face when I see a new post on here. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing your adventures with us on here. Can’t wait to hear your voice again!
    Love you,

    1. Hello Miss Heidi~
      Miss you lots. I hope your trip back to Montana went ok. I’m going to try to give you a call tomorrow, and you should have some mail coming from me. Love you!

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