Updates and New Things to Check Out.

Hello everyone. I’m updating instead of Shayla again because I made a few changes to the site that I wanted to tell everyone about.

First off, I added a separate page for Shayla’s (Kiddo’s?) list of mail drops. On that note, the dates for her next two mail drops (Daleville VA and Shipman VA) have changed. She’s running ahead of schedule at the moment, which means she’ll be in Daleville on the 17th instead of the 18th, and she’ll be in Shipman on the 24th instead of the 26th. Last I heard, she’s still planning to be in Harper’s Ferry on the 4th. If she has any more changes, I’ll be sure to update the list on the new page. I’ll try to remember to update the post she made in March, but I’d suggest the separate page for the most current list.

Second, I added captions to the pictures on the Photos page. I’m somewhat waiting for Shayla’s approval on this, since I did this using a short list she sent me with her camera memory card. I’m not positive I got everything right, but I think the captions should be fairly accurate. Also, just a heads up that the pictures closest to the top are the most recent ones, and the older ones are closer to the bottom.

Third, I added a Videos page. There’s two really neat videos of a tree Shayla saw. Of course, there’s also the infamous video of Shayla with her pet squirrel friend.

I think that’s everything new, for now.

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