White Mountain Surprise!

I made it through the White Mountains! They were not easy. I still think that it might be some kind of sick joke, put on by the guys who designed this trail. They were very beautiful, but it was probably the most exhausting thing I’ve ever been through. I’m just hoping the mountains in Maine are a little friendlier, but I’m not counting on it.

Something amazing happened while I was in the midst of getting my butt kicked by those mountains. My mom showed up to help me get to the end! I was so surprised and touched by it. She met me atop Mt. Washington. I was overjoyed to see her. She slack packed me the next day, which felt so much easier on my aching joints, and we drove to Burlington, VT to visit my friend Allie.

It’s been nice hanging out in this really cute little city and, of course, seeing Allie. She has been a gracious hostess. I spent the majority of my day off eating as much as I could, and trying hard not to move so that my body can rest. I really like this town. Allie has a lot of friends and a really awesome room mate. Now is the sad part, where I have to go back to the trail.

I’m thinking that half the reason it’s been so hard for me lately is my lack of body fat. I’ve been losing weight still, which isn’t really a good thing, and I feel depleted and spent, like I’ve got nothing left. Plus, as a consequence, it’s gotten harder to carry that 30 pound pack. When I started, I weighed 141 lbs, so 30 lbs didn’t feel that bad, now I weigh 118, so it seems like too much. All the more reason that it’s so great that my mamma’s here! Some days I will be able to carry a day pack, others probably no more than 2-3 days worth of food!

The really good news, is that I have less than 300 miles to go! And by this time tomorrow, I will have passed the border into Maine! Just two weeks left and I can sit on my bum for days and days, and work on getting back some of that body fat:)

3 thoughts on “White Mountain Surprise!

  1. What a wonderful surprise for you to be reunited with your mom and with Allie! I can only imagine how tough the trail is getting, but am really, really proud of you for sticking with this amazing adventure. Eat lots of ice cream and spaghetti when you get a chance, and keep looking up. You’re almost there!!! :o) Love ya!

  2. I miss you both so much. It was lovely having you and your mom stay with me – it was perhaps the single best day I’ve had all year. Come back to Burlington! And give Katahdin a kiss (or a kick in the face) for me – whichever feels more right to you. I LOVE YOU!

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