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After being a bit of a grumpy pants, I have to say that my attitude improved about 300% today. The last couple of days have been a little rough. My mom’s car started having some scary issues and there was a fun little event where I got stuck on a side road that she couldn’t get to because the bridges were out. Without cell phone reception, mom and I were both really worried about each other. I eventually got rescued by some nice locals and taken to a town near by, and my mom eventually got the message that I was in Berlin, NH, where she could come get me. Things really escalated that night with the car trouble, and then fearing that Tide was in severe trouble in the woods.

Tide sent a text to us saying she was almost to the road, then we went there to pick her up and she was no where to be seen. It was dark by then, and she’s night blind, so I was pretty worried about her. After waiting for half an hour, I started yelling for her, and to my surprise she yelled back! It took a while for us to understand what each other were shouting, but I got the message that she was cowboy camping due to loss of light.

What I couldn’t communicate to her, was that we probably weren’t going to be back in the morning, since the car was in desperate need of getting to the shop. After much debate the next morning, we decided to just go for it, and drive back to the trail. Tide was waiting for us, white-faced and delirious. She told us she couldn’t hike on, because she was out of food, and that she no longer had the means to filter water. It was scary to find her like that, but I was happy to be there for her never-the-less.

After all of that mess, it seemed like the trail was no longer a friendly place. And I told Tide, what I’ve been meaning to say to her for days. Which is that she should not try to keep up with me anymore. I don’t think it’s good for her. I have to admit, it’d sad to lose her company after coming all this way together, but I’m on a mission, one that I can do, and one that she has no reason to struggle to achieve. I hope it doesn’t seem inhumane that I’m not willing to slow down for her. I really don’t want to hurt her feelings or make her feel cast away. It just feels so much more right for both of us to hike our own hike.


Things really got a lot better today. Tide is here with me now in town, though I expect we’ll have to say some goodbyes soon. And my mom and I have been able to team up with some other supported thru-hikers, which has been really fun. It’s a group of 3 guys, Upstate, Loophole, and Face Jacket, who are being supported by Upstate’s wife, Caboose. The 5 of us are slack packing the next couple of days and sharing a really cozy cabin in Rangely, ME for a very reasonable rate. We get to hike back to this lovely spot again tomorrow, which will be incredible.

I have to say, though the day hiking and the sleeping in town and going out for dinner stuff is really nice, what I really love is getting to see my mom at the end of each day. I get so excited when I start to hear the road,and I know she’s going to be waiting for me at. I just love it! I appreciate being able to have this time with her. It’s hard to believe, but it’s down to just 11 or 12 days of this journey! Wow, I wonder when that’s going to hit me.

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  1. Oh man, Shayla, I am very happyI grew u to hear that you are in rangeley. I grew up taking many trips through and around there. You will surely love the scenery, despite the everlasting clearcutting and young soft pine plots. Cheers to you honey for making it to my home state. I miss you dearly and cannot wait to cook you dinner and feed you copious amounts of wine. Give me a call when you are done… and if you have some time on your hands- take a trip to belfast, me on the coast. Go to three tides/ marshall wharf brewing. Ask for sue. Have a good beer. have a safe trip. I love you, and miss you dearly. Onwards…

    1. Jess, that’s all so sweet. I’ve been thinking about you so much since I got to Maine! I love this state! Even though the mountains are a little bit mean to me, it’s still so gorgeous and I’m just so pleased to be around so many beautiful lakes! Maine is cool, which explains how you got to be so awesome. I miss you a lot and can’t wait to have some of your home cooking! I should be back in MT by the 17th. Can you, me, and Raindog hang out all the time please? We’re in Stratton, ME right now, can’t wait to explore more of this grand state!

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