Turkeys, and Moose, and Bears, oh my!

There have been some really excited animal encounters in my recent travels. In Connecticut, I was attacked!…by a turkey. So I live to tell the tale. I walked in on a mother turkey, with her baby, and she chased me like a bat out of hell down the trail. All the while squawking and nippingContinue reading “Turkeys, and Moose, and Bears, oh my!”

Always rely on the kindness of strangers

So things have been tough lately. Pennsylvania was rocktastic, just as the rumors warned. My feet begin to throb about halfway through each day. For some reason, I was under the impression that it got really easy after you left PA, not so. The D.A. and I set the dial to 25 miles a day,Continue reading “Always rely on the kindness of strangers”