Met my Sweetheart in Waynesboro

Just a quick note to let everyone know that things are going fine. Better than fine, actually. We made it to Waynesboro. Which means it’s time to start the Shenandoahs and things are looking pretty luxurious for the next few days, with the promise of beer and snacks at frequent intervals. And what’s better, isContinue reading “Met my Sweetheart in Waynesboro”

Guess how much weight I lost!

I’ll post the exact amount tomorrow night, I want to read people’s guesses. But I will say that Kiddo, weighs significantly less than Shayla! I’ll try to attach some good group photos too. Special thanks to Mackenzie for adding all those pages. The captions are perfect and I really appreciate the new additions! Happy graduation asContinue reading “Guess how much weight I lost!”

Updates and New Things to Check Out.

Hello everyone. I’m updating instead of Shayla again because I made a few changes to the site that I wanted to tell everyone about. First off, I added a separate page for Shayla’s (Kiddo’s?) list of mail drops. On that note, the dates for her next two mail drops (Daleville VA and Shipman VA) have changed.Continue reading “Updates and New Things to Check Out.”